Interworld Electronics has released the ENVIROMUX-2D Advanced Server Environment Monitoring System from Network Technologies Incorporated (NTI).

The ENVIROMUX-2D utilizes sensors to monitor critical sever room environmental and security conditions. When an environmental sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold or a security sensor is triggered, system administrators will be notified via email, alarm beacon, front panel LED indicators, web page notification, network management (SNMP) software or a SMS message (via external GSM or 3G modem).

The ENVIROMUX-2D provides 2 RJ45 ports for connecting external SEMS environmental sensors, 5 digital (dry contact) inputs and 1 relay output. The environmental sensors include: Air, Duct and Pipe Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Liquid / Water and Smoke Detectors. Security sensors include: a range of Power, Motion, Vibration and Intrusion Detectors. The ENVIROMUX-2D can monitor (ping) up to 16 IP addresses to determine if critical server or network equipment is up and running. IP Surveillance Cameras can be viewed simultaneously via a web interface and event-triggered IP camera snapshots can be sent via email. An optional USB port feature allows the system to send alerts via USB 3G modem or download log data to a USB drive.

ENVIROMUX-2D is powered via 240VAC power adapter. An optional rechargeable SLA battery can provide back-up power for two hours of operation.

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