Interworld Electronics now carries a range Stainless Steel keyboards, Keypads, touchpads and trackballs specifically designed for harsh kiosk environments. These virtually vandal proof and weather proof input devices have wipe-clean fascias and key-tops and can meet IP65 specifications when mounted in a suitable enclosure.

Keyboards complete with integrated trackball or touchpad, with flat or raised keys and designed for panel hole mounting, rear stub mounting or rack style C mounting are available. Most models can be supplied with a PS/2 or USB interface. Key options included standard QWERTY layout with or without function keys and Control-Alt-Delete (Ctrl, Alt, Del) keys or factory configurable blank keys that can be customized to meet end-user requirements.

Individual trackballs, touchpads and keypads with small or large function key options are also available. The integrated and standalone trackballs and touch pads are designed to meet IP54 specifications.

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