Video Converters
Video Converters
Video Converters allow a variety of video sources to be connected to display devices. Convert between analogue and digital video. Display signals on multiple screens or multiple signals on a split screen. Create a video wall display.
  • 3GSDI-HDA 3G-SDI to HDMI with Audio Converter Scaler

  • 4K-HD-SCALER 4K HDMI Up/Down Scaler with Audio Extractor & HDCP 2.2 Converter

  • BNCSV-VGA-CNVTR BNC + S-Video to VGA Converter

  • CVA-HD-LC Low-Cost Composite Video + Audio to HDMI Converter

  • DVI-HD-CNVTR DVI to HDMI Converter

  • DVIM-15HDF DVI-I Male to VGA Female Adapter

  • DVI-VGA DVI-D to VGA Converter: Converts digital DVI-D signals to analog VGA video

  • HD-ENC-H264 H.264 HDMI Video Encoder streams 1080p video from an HDMI video source to a media streaming server or online live broadcast platform

  • PCHD-HDMI-SCALER VGA/Component Video/HDMI Scaler/Converter

  • UNV-DVI-CNVTR Universal Video Converter Scaler HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component/Composite

  • VGACMP-HD VGA/Component Video to HDMI Converter


  • VGA-DVI VGA to DVI-D Converter: Converts analog VGA signal to single link digital DVI-D video