USB Extenders
USB Extenders
USB Extenders allow USB products to be placed up to 40m away from the host PC. Most USB extenders use CAT5 twisted pair cable to extend the range of conventional USB devices.
  • UE204 Four port USB2.0 over ethernet server

  • USB2-AA Series USB 2.0 Active Extension Cables: PC, MAC, and SUN Support

  • USB2-C5-1LC USB 2.0 Extender via CAT5

  • USB2-C5-4LC Low-Cost 4-Port USB 2.0 Extender via CAT5 up to 165 Feet (50 metres)

  • USB-C5-200 USB Extender via CAT5. Extends up to 200 feet (60m) with built-in four port hub

  • USB-C5-LC Extends One Self-Powered or Bus-Powered USB Device up to 150 Feet.

  • USB-IP-4LC Low-Cost USB 2.0 Over IP Extender