3.5 inch Single Board Computers
3.5" Embedded SBCs are scaleable off-the-shelf-board solutions that support a range of processors up to the Intel Pentium M. These 3.5 inch SBCs can be expanded using PC/104 and Mini-PCI interfaces to increase their functionality.
  • GENE-5315B Series 3.5" Board, LX800 500MHz, 24-bit LVDS, DDR, 2xLAN, Audio, 6xCOM, 4xUSB2.0, CF, Mini-PCI, AT/ATX, Fanless, Rev.B1.0

  • GENE-9655 3.5" SubCompact Boad With Intel® Core™ 2 Duo/ Celeron® M (65nm) Processor

  • GENE-BT05 Series 3.5" SubCompact Board Intel Atom or Celeron Processor

  • GENE-CV05 Series 3.5" SubCompact Board With Intel Atom D2550/N2800/N2600 Processor

  • GENE-QM77B 3.5" SubCompact with Onboard Intel Core i7-3555LE/ Celeron 847E Processor

  • GENE-QM87 Series 3.5" SubCompact with Onboard Intel Core i5-4402E Mobile Processor