Machine Vision Systems are designed to enhance and optimize automation operations in harsh factory environments, offering dynamic, smart and flexible configuration for vison-based production and quality control. Ideal for smart control systems, machine vision inspection, digital signage, surveillance and manufacturing.
  • AVS-500 Series Machine Vision SystemsAVS-500 Series: The AVS-500 Series is capable of connecting to multiple GigE and USB 3.0 cameras. In addition up to 4 PCIe slots are available for frame capture cards
  • BOXER-6638-39-40 Series Machine Vision SystemsBOXER-6638/39/40 Series: Designed for vision-based operations in harsh factory environments. Featuring: up to 9x LAN ports, POE LAN support and up to 8x USB3.0 ports.
  • BOXER-6841M Series Machine Vision SystemsBOXER-6841M Series: Designed to satisfy the demanding needs of Machine Vision applications these Box PCs feature:  PCIe(x8/x16) slots that support up to 250W GPUs, 4x USB3.0 ports and 5x LAN ports 
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