Keyboards / Pointing Devices
Keyboards / Pointing Devices
Interworld supplies a wide range of Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices. Specialized products include: Intrinsically Safe, Military Standard, Medical, Rack Mount and Stainless Steel Keyboards and pointing devices.
  • Media Releases for Keyboards / Pointing Devices
  • Mobile Data Entry Numeric Keypad Mobile Data Entry Numeric Keypad: Ideal for high volume number entry, warehouse shipping and receiving, gate entry number pad, and more. The IK-18-USB numeric pad will withstand harsh environments, heavy use and may be the last number pad you ever need to purchase... more
  • Washable and Antibacterial Medical Glass Keyboards Washable and Antibacterial Medical Glass Keyboards: The GKB01 Series keyboards provide protection against cross-contamination and are ideal for use in Medical Research, Hospitals, Clinics, ORs, Patient Rooms, Carts and Nursing Stations and the Food Industry... more
  • Industrial Keyboard with Polycarbonate Case Industrial Keyboard with Polycarbonate Case: Designed with 19" rack applications in mind, iKey's DU-1000 keyboard features a small foot print, low profile, light weight polycarbonate case with an integrated numeric keypad... more
  • New Backlit Emergency Keyboards New Backlit Emergency Keyboards: These keyboards are the ideal combination for low light situations. You can even WORK IN THE DARK.... more
  • Dual Track 1RU LCD Keyboard Monitor Drawer Dual Track 1RU LCD Keyboard Monitor Drawer: The new AMK701 Series 1U industrial VGA LCD monitor keyboard drawers provide a 17" or 19" display, a keyboard with separate numeric keypad and a built-in touch pad, all in a compact (480mm deep) 1RU rack drawer... more
  • Dual Connect Bluetooth or USB Industrial Keyboard Dual Connect Bluetooth or USB Industrial Keyboard: The BT-870-TP fully sealed IP67 industrial keyboard features our new dual connectivity technology allowing the keyboard to connect with USB or Bluetooth®... more