The USB-AI12 Series is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install high-speed analogue and digital I/O capabilities to any computer with a USB port. The unit is a high-speed USB 2.0 device. The USB-AI12 Series provides a 12-bit resolution A/D board set capable of speeds up to 500kHz (divided equally by the total number of conditioned channels in the board set). Eight input ranges are available and groups of eight channels at a time can be configured for different ranges. A unique, real-time internal calibration system allows the card to continually compensate for offset/gain errors giving a more accurate reading.

Additional features include 12 digital I/O lines and a programmable 16-bit counter. The counter can be configured in a variety of modes and has the ability to use external signals to trigger and control the scanning of its inputs.

The USB-AI12 Series is designed for use in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station. The board sets are PC/104 sized (3.550 by 3.775 inches) and are intended to be ordered specifically configured / tailored to the userís application based on signal conditioning types. A minimum stack configuration is one A/D board with one signal conditioning board connected together via a short ribbon cable. This yields 32 signal-conditioned differential analoguue input channels. A maximum stack configuration of 128 channels requires one A/D board with four signal conditioning boards.

Conditioning options include: RC filters on each input, Voltage dividers on each input, 4-20mA current inputs, Thermocouples (Temp sensor for cold junction), RTD measurement and Bridge completion inputs. Optional wide temperature -40 to +85įC versions are available.

The USB-AI12 Series data acquisition board set can be used in many realworld applications such as embedded equipment monitoring, precision PC-based and portable environmental measurements, and mobile data acquisition.

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