The RAK-450 Wallmount passive backplane chassis represents the next generation in industrial computing enclosures providing high performance in a low cost rugged enclosure. Feature rich, the RAK-450 is a solid, robust design optimized for bulkhead and wall mounting.

The RAK-450 is perfect for a wide variety of applications where an office style enclosure does not provide appropriate protection and a 19" rack is not available. The RAK-450 can be hung exposed on a wall in a factory, in a closet such as a security system, mounted in a Hoffman enclosure on a drilling rig, and so forth. The enclosure is constructed of 18 gauge steel, clear zinc plated for corrosion protection and completely painted for an attractive appearance.

The RAK-450 provides two internal 3-1/2" hard drive locations, and one front accessible 5-1/4" inch drive bay. Included in the 5-1/4" space is a slim floppy / slim CD/DVD adapter bracket.

The lockable door is sealed with fabric covered EMI gasket for both EMI and environmental sealing.The power and reset switches as well as the power-on and drive activity LED's are accessible behind the door.

The top I/O cavity is protected by a removable cover which is locked in place when the door is closed. Conduit knockouts are provided on both sides of the chassis. Thus, the attached cables are protected from access by unauthorized persons. With the door closed and locked, the RAK-450 becomes tamperproof.

The bottom exterior of the chassis provides a large air filter mounted in an easily removed bracket for ease of cleaning. Access to the inside is not required for filter removal. Cooling is provided by 4 hotswap 90mm 49CFM fans. Several fan options are available for higher flow or quieter operation including adaptive temperature controlled fans.

The RAK-450 Chassis provides for mounting a 14 slot passive backplane. An innovative card hold-down mechanism assures cards stay seated in high vibration environments such as shipping and when mounted on operating machinery.

Power supply options include standard PS/2 form factor, redundant hot swap and 12/24/48VDC input supplies. The system provides outstanding cooling so virtually any power requirement such as dual XEON can be accommodated in any environment.

Optional door mounted LCD/Control panels and door mount LCD displays are available.

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