Interworld Electronics has released AAEON's range of PC/104 form factor processor modules. The PC/104CPU modules are off-the-self solutions for applications requiring PC functionality, flexible expansion and rugged mechanical integration. They support a range of processing options including Atlas SoC through to Intel ULV Celeron processors and offer a full complement of PC/AT I/O such as keyboard, mouse, serial, parallel, floppy and IDE interfaces. The full-featured PFM Series also includes onboard Ethernet and Graphics.

The PC/104 embedded standard defines a small form factor board and a "stack through" ISA bus. The PC/104-Plus standard extends the original standard to provide a stackable PCI bus. PC/104 and PC/104-Plus CPU and I/O modules physically stack together to create a rugged, embedded computer architecture. With a huge range of I/O modules such as Serial Ports, D/A A/D, Digital I/O available from Interworld and other vendors, creating an application specific system is simple and cost effective.

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