Interworld Electronics is please to announce the release of the new DMK Series Monitor Keyboard Drawers. These unique monitor keyboard drawers incorporate a dual track slide rail system that enables the monitor or the keyboard to be independently extended out of the rack enclosure. This unique feature allows the DMK Series to function as a rack mount monitor, as a rack mount monitor keyboard or to be stored away when not in use.

The DMK Series are available with 17" LCD monitor screens and with optional built-in 8 port or 16 port Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switches. All DMK Series models are only 1 rack unit high making them ideal for space constrained applications.

Available models include:

DMK-520-17 - 1U Monitor Keyboard Drawer, 17" LCD
DMK-580-17 - 1U Monitor Keyboard Drawer, 17" LCD, 8 port KVM
DMK-590-17 - 1U Monitor Keyboard Drawer, 17" LCD, 16 port KVM

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