Code activated switches are designed for data-distribution applications where any singular RS-232 device requires instantaneous, high-speed access or transmission to multiple RS-232 peripheral devices. Whether you need to broadcast stock market quotes to multiple display monitors, load program information to NC equipment or send print jobs to multiple bar code or label printers, the CAS switches are ideal for your application. If you need to send data over longer distances, optional RS-422 output channels are available to increase the send/receive distance up to 4,000ft.

The CAS unit monitors data received at the master control port and watches for the proper ASCII code sequence to select the desired port. The ASCII code sequence employs a defined prefix code and a port select code. When the port is selected, data and flow-control signals pass between the Master and selected slave port. The prefix code can be set to require one, two, four or eight control characters. The port select code designates the desired port and allows data to pass between it and the control port until the next prefix/port select code is detected. The CAS units also feature a broadcast capability that enables the control port to transmit simultaneously to all output ports.

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