USB has become the standard for connecting everything from sensors to controllers and motor drives to your PC or hand held computer. But USB was not intended for use outside of the electrically clean office or home environment. This can lead to expensive problems when you need to access data from a device installed in the field or in the factory.
Any time you connect remote I/O equipment to your computer there will be a risk for electrostatic discharge (ESD), power surges, ground loops, and electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Any one of these events could damage your USB port or your entire PC. Why take a chance? Protect your investment with USB isolation technology.
The compact UH201 fits easily inside your laptop case or pocket. It has male and female type A USB connectors. It connects directly to your USB port and provides protection up to 2000 Volts. Its high speed digital isolation chip electrically separates your PC from the remote I/O device while allowing full speed USB 2.0 communications at data rates up to 12 Mbps the top of the line for isolation products.

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