Connect to Remote Devices:

VESP211 Serial Device Servers connect (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) serial devices to Ethernet networks, allowing the serial device to become a node on the network.

Serial ports can be accessed over a LAN/WAN providing Windows host control over serial devices located virtually anywhere on a TCP/IP or UDP/IP Ethernet connection. VESP211 Serial Servers support Direct IP Mode for IP aware applications, Virtual COM Port Drivers for application that use standard COM ports, or Paired Mode connections allowing virtual serial cables to be set up across the network. VESP211 Serial Servers support full duplex and half duplex protocols at baud rates up to 230.4 kbps and feature auto-detecting 10BaseT or 100BaseTX copper network connections.

Built for use in industrial environments VESP211 Serial Servers feature a heavy duty metal enclosure that is panel (standard) or DIN rail mountable (with optional adapter). The VES211 requires 12DC and includes a DC power supply allowing the VES211 to be connected to local AC power.

Eliminate site visits:

Off-site troubleshooting, configuration, upgrades and monitoring are simple, easy tasks with Vlinx Manager Software. It installs right on your PC giving you access to the serial server via your desktop. The VES211 Series can also be managed remotely over a LAN or WAN via a built-in web server. Simply connect to the serial device server with your web browser.

Connecting to remote equipment with serial ports has never been easier. Connect the VES211 serial server to the equipment’s serial port and connect the VES211 Ethernet port to your LAN. Your equipment is now online. It will appear as a local COM port on any networked PC running the VLinx Virtual Serial Port software. Just run the appropriate software for your equipment and you are in control!

Now you can Ethernet enable any serial device using Vlinx Serial Server technology and remotely connect to and manage your equipment from any networked PC.

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