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  • MSR Wireless Data Logger with Plug-in SensorsMSR Wireless Data Logger with Plug-in Sensors: The MSR147WD is a wearable data logger that supports up to five plug-in humidity and temperature sensors. This wireless data logger has been designed for measuring the physiological properties of test subjects and their environment.
  • PCI Express Watchdog Timer Status MonitorPCI Express Watchdog Timer Status Monitor: The PCIe-WDG-CSMA is a feature-rich watchdog card that will vigilantly stand guard over your system and help avoid costly system failures. The card provides complete peace of mind when planning and deploying mission critical computer systems.
  • MSR ShockViewerMSR ShockViewer: MSR ShockViewer is specialy desgned to analysing shock events. ShockViewer allows you to view the captured data, as well as quickly analyse and document critical events.
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